Fuyu no kaidan (preview)

A trailer for Fuyu no kaidan (Ghost story of winter) is out and Maimi is looking absolutely kickass, she does high kicks and everything.
By the looks of it there seems to be a fair amount of violence and blood which will be quite interesting seeing Maimi in this type of enviroment.
Kanon is looking adorable as always, I wonder if she's gonna be old enough to even view this? ^^
The preview is followed by a press event with both girls giving a brief description about the film and how they did.


Maimi giving fashion advice ...

If I was a girl I would totally do whatever it is shes doing ...


Maimi handshake event

1000 lucky bastards that managed to get hold of a magical ticket within their purchase of Maimi's 3rd photobook were given the permission to attend a small promotional/handshake event.
Can you imagine that? ...

1000 people turning up to shake your hand ... thats 1000 people who no doubt wanna 'cuddle' you ... 1000 sweaty hands rubbing with Maimi's fragile elegant hand ...

each 'handshake' lasts around (lets say) 5 seconds ... so that's 1000 people times 5 seconds means that Maimi was probably subjected to this sweaty torture for over 1 hour and 20 minutes.
Can you even fathom that? I hope the organizers handed out plenty of handwash gel beforehand.
With such a healthy turnout just to see Maimi it makes me wonder if it would make Maimi's ego grow larger than the sun, seriously .... that many people who no doubt lust over you ... can anyone just accept that and take in their stride?
Maimi remains humble and the perfect idol throughout the entire event, I would of sold my left nut to attend such an event, maybe one day in the future.



The cover ...

For Maimi's 3rd photobook is getting me very excited.

That is all ...


Best shot 17

Should be called 'Arse shot 17'.

Seriously ... whats better (legally) than Maimi in a bikini ?



Maimi is a klutz

This clip from Berrikyu is too adorable for words, the best parts are:

• Her nervous giggling at the start

• Her initial reaction to breaking the vase

• her saying 'Gomen nasai' in a really high pitched squeaky voice at 0:28

I was gonna embed the video here yet that option has been 'disabled by request' which is fairly annoying so just CLICK THIS instead.