Maimi in B.L.T.U-17 magazine


It's great to see Maimi getting more and more exposure ... I'm sure we are very very close to seeing her 3rd photobook .... COME ON!!!
The above photo is Maimi wearing her costume fromm the latest C-ute concert ... I find her eyes hypnotic @_@
And below are scans from B.L.T.U-17 magazine


Natsu Doki Lipstick ... ZOMG


Last night I got a case of beer and sat down to watch the latest C-ute concert (C-ute Concert Tour 2008 Natsu ~Wasuretakunai Natsu~).
I'll write about the concert on Wotaku Now! but for now I just wanna say how amazingly amazing Maimi was performing 'Natsu Doki Lipstick' ... she was totally going for it and the little sexy floor dance she did at the end was like a spinning bird kick of immense HARD WIN


If you get the chance to watch the concert I implore you to see it! ... even if you dont like C-ute ... you might love them long time after watching it.

And now lets all watch Maimi doing what she does best ... getting all hot and smexy

Watch Yajima Maimi - Natsu Doki Lipstick (live) in Music Videos | View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com


Hot Maimi is HOT


There are quite a few girls within hello! project that tend to sweat excessively.
Ai Takahashi confessed that she sweats alot while doing live performances, Mitsui Aika also tends to drip a fair bit, I think this is quite clearly a sign that the girl is pushing herself and really going for it.
Thankfully Maimi also seems to sweat buckets, and I have an abundance of proof ...
The link below contains a folder containing 200 sexy sexy photos of Maimi performing live ... yeah good stuff.


And some preview photos:


Welcome to I LOVE MY MAIMI


Quite predictably this blog is 100% dedicated to the leader of C-ute Yajima Maimi.
Why have I created this you might ask? well although I do like to go on the occasional rant about Maimi on my other blog Wotaku Now!, I really wanted a place where I could focus on her, dont expect anything too in depth or philosophical, but do expect constant pic spam and gushing fan boy rants about why I swoon every time I hear the girls name.
This blog will be updated randomly and without mercy.