Hot Maimi is HOT


There are quite a few girls within hello! project that tend to sweat excessively.
Ai Takahashi confessed that she sweats alot while doing live performances, Mitsui Aika also tends to drip a fair bit, I think this is quite clearly a sign that the girl is pushing herself and really going for it.
Thankfully Maimi also seems to sweat buckets, and I have an abundance of proof ...
The link below contains a folder containing 200 sexy sexy photos of Maimi performing live ... yeah good stuff.


And some preview photos:


Welcome to I LOVE MY MAIMI


Quite predictably this blog is 100% dedicated to the leader of C-ute Yajima Maimi.
Why have I created this you might ask? well although I do like to go on the occasional rant about Maimi on my other blog Wotaku Now!, I really wanted a place where I could focus on her, dont expect anything too in depth or philosophical, but do expect constant pic spam and gushing fan boy rants about why I swoon every time I hear the girls name.
This blog will be updated randomly and without mercy.